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Securely access Medical Records
Anywhere Anytime
Securely Access Medical Records
Anywhere Anytime
Anywhere Anytime
Securely Access Medical Records
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Know More About MediXcel's


See our cutting edge Electronic Medical Record suite in action. It covers multiple specializations, labs and imaging services.

 Practice Management

Experience our Practice Management features manage your scheduling, billing, inventory, loyalty programs while providing vital MIS Reports.

 Patient Engagement

Understand how our Patient Engagement modules help you connect with your patients, letting them be the center of your universe.

 Hospital Information system

See how MediXcel works for Hospitals of various sizes.

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Practice Management

Patient Engagement

  • Icon Patient Portal

    Provide Access to your Patients or Members to an
    Online White Labeled Patient Portal which allows

  • Icon Progammed Alerts

    Using triggers ensure your patients can be put on a
    pre-decided alerts and reminders for better disease management

  • Icon Ticketing

    Allow patients to raise tickets and track tickets.

  • Icon CRM

    Send Mass or targetted notifications via E-mail, SMS and Web or Mobile App to Patients.

  • Icon SmartPhone App

    For better flexibility and instanct notification based engagement provide access to the portal via a Smart phone app.

  •

Hospital Information System

  • Icon Ward Rooms and bed availability

    Get an overview of your hospital’s available beds and rooms. Drill down to know what is happening in each ward or floor or wing.

  • Icon Current Patient access

    See your currently admitted patient from single easily filtered screen.

  • Icon Admission process

    Build your own workflow for admission, with granular control of who fills what and what is needed before proceeding for final admission.

  • Icon Nursing station

    In a given ward or floor access all patients on a single screen, and update their key clinical parameters without even leaving. Ideal for Nursing rounds and tablet screens.

  •


  • Icon Lab Dashboard

    Dedicated Lab Dashboard for all activies related to your Lab for different roles and responsibilities. Lab worklist dashboard for monitoring all your tests and to manage your TATs.

  • Icon Sample Collection & Accession Workflows

    Built-in Sample Collection & Accession workflows that lets you record collection by your phelobotomist to the information related to accessioning at the lab

  • Icon Recommendation panel

    Separate recommendations for list of all tests recommended by doctors for a patient. One click option to convert recommendation to appointment.

  •


  • Icon SMS

    Integrate with our preferred or your choice of SMS vendor to send SMS Alerts and SMS campaigns to patients and members for Appointment alerts, Drug Reminders, Action Plan Target Alerts, Marketing Campaigns and more.

  • Icon E-mail

    Integrate with our preferred or your choice of E-mail provider to send E-mail Alerts and E-mail campaigns to patients / Referring Doctors and Staff for Appointment alerts, Drug Reminders, Action Plan Target Alerts, Marketing Campaigns, Tickets assigned and more.

  •

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    Secure, Scalable and Well Supported

    MediXcel is a world class Patient Engagement EMR and Practice Management Solution Platform

     Cloud Hosted

    Get the power of the cloud in connecting with your Patient Engagement and Pratice Management!

     Reliable Support

    MediXcel comes with a 24/7 online support managed by a well-trained & friendly team led by Mona. We are available on Chat and via our Help Desk to listen to your queries, ideas and concerns.


    Each Client has their own private installation and database. All data transfer is encrypted (256-bit AES and TLS 1.2) over the internet. Our team performs regular testing to identify any vulnerability & provide updates.


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