Patient Engagement

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Practice Engagement. Everything you need.

Patient Portal

Provide Access to your Patients or Members to an Online White Labeled Patient Portal which allows them to see their reports, request appointments, raise feedback, track their health and access knowledge and information.

Progammed Alerts

Using triggers ensure your patients can be put on a pre-decided alerts and reminders for better disease management and improved adherence


Allow patients to raise tickets and track tickets. Assign tickets to internal staff and set alerts for staff and patients when tickets are overdue or closed after completion


Send Mass or targetted notifications via E-mail, SMS and Web or Mobile App to Patients. Create E-mail Campaigns and SMS Campaigns, and sent to pre-decided patient lists based on Plan, Corporate, Tags and more.

SmartPhone App

For better flexibility and instanct notification based engagement provide access to the portal via a Smart phone app

Feedback and Ratings

Allow patients and members to provide feedback from the portal or directly on your call center and track their feedback. Allow patients to also rate the services provided by clinics, labs or doctors.

Loyalty Cards & Coupons

Generate Loyalty cards for frequenting patients to increase returns and help in further engagment. Also provide further discounts through coupons and vouchers for targeted groups

Health Risk Assessments

Allow patients to do a Health Risk assessment which helps them see where they stand with regards to their overall health and health across 16 categories. Automatically using latest vitals and lab values it generates a report for a single patient. Create further recommendations and marketing plans based on the HRA outcomes for a patient

Patient Centric Health Knowledge Base

Get access to over 2000 pages Medline content properly categorized and tagged inside a CMS which allows your doctors to edit and add more articles and media content. Let patients get recommended specific content based on their ICD 10 diagnosis.

Self-addition and monitoring of vitals

Both vitals values added by the doctor or by the patient can be checked in the historical data.

Graphical representation of Vitals/Lab parameters

The graphical representation of the data is available for each vital and lab parameters.

Vitals History

You will see the history of the last six vitals values, as well as the date and time.

Add self vitals values

The patient can insert vitals values and instructions into the PHR portal. During a consultation, the doctor can see the added values under the vitals Section.

lab parameter values

The patient will enter parameter values, units, comparison ranges, and instructions via the PHR portal. The new values will appear in the lab parameter section, where they can be viewed by the doctor during a consultation.

Historical data of Lab parameter values

Patients Can see the historical data of parameter values updated by Doctors while doing an consultation

View guide file

The support/help documents are available for patients to access and download for reference and guidance.

App and Article Recommendations

There are mechanisms to directly recommend Mobile Apps or Articles from the internet to patients to read via E-mail or inside their Patient Portal / App.

Patient Education Video Library

Use over 2000 minutes of animated patient education content from our media partner's library as an added engagement tool.

Audio and Video Calling

Integrated with Audio and Video call providers and to take calls and do telemedicine video calls from within the EHR application. See history of calls done with patients

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