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Why Consumer Focus is Key? And how MediXcel helps you Focus on your Patient!

Patients’ mean business. Today in our connected and consumer centric world this statement works on multiple levels!

For Clinic Chains, Diagnostic Chains and Managed Care Groups Patients mean:

  • Revenue and Profit
  • Customers who know their rights, research online and can’t be fooled
  • Customers who expect high quality service and care

Today every Medical Providers and Healthcare Service Vendor needs to take customer engagement and customer servicing seriously.

The cornerstone of this engagement and servicing has been and is the Doctor-Patient relationship and the resulting medical decisions which are recorded.

We at Plus91 created MediXcel to help Chains and Care Groups capture this information seamlessly, accurately across locations, providers and specialties with a secret sauce that now lets you engage and improve service towards your consumers.

Patients in urban and semi-urban areas are increasingly spoilt for choice and are aware of treatment options, quality of care and more. They are also increasingly distracted by a faster pace of life and seldom take time to engage with their healthcare provider.

Unless you can get them to engage with you! MediXcel helps you by providing avenues and opportunities for engagement across digital channels.

Engagement breeds loyalty and referrals which help grow your top-line.

An integrated solution to help manage medical information, business information and provide analytics and engagement improves productivity and streamlines operations helping you also grow your bottom-line.

Interacting with the patient can happen at various stages, some key interactions possible are:

  • SMS / E-mail Reminder for Appointment
  • Access to Medical Records on the Patient Portal or Patient App
  • Feedback provided via the Portal or App
  • Raising a service ticket
  • Ratings for a Visit
  • Recommending an Article to read based on their latest symptom or diagnosis
  • Suggesting an App to use to track a specific health parameter
  • Sending Digital Birthday or Anniversary Cards or Gift Coupons
  • Putting them on a Pre-programmed Alert Schedule for a Health Management Plan
  • Letting them do interactive health questionnaires which provide them guidance and tips

These are just come of the modes of interaction.

A patient who is engaged by his provider will have a better experience leading to increased loyalty, trust and comfort which can also lead to recommendations!

Empowerment is theme of the 21st century and providing access, transparency and operational benefits to your patients is the best form of empowerment and gives your patients a feel good vibe!

So it goes then Customer focus is vital in today’s day and age. MediXcel helps you provide your patients access into healthcare and their health story making them take centre stage and all the focus.

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