Hospital Management

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See how MediXcel works for Hospitals of various sizes.


Word Rooms and bed availability

Get an overview of your hospital’s available beds and rooms. Drill down to know what is happening in each ward or floor or wing.

Current Patient access

See your currently admitted patient from single easily filtered screen.

Admission process

Build your own workflow for admission, with granular control of who fills what and what is needed before proceeding for final admission.

Nursing station

In a given ward or floor access all patients on a single screen, and update their key clinical parameters without even leaving. Ideal for Nursing rounds and tablet screens.

Fluid Monitoring - Nursing station

Nurse can update the Intake and Output, they can also can track the historical data

Additional Emergency care/services

Nurse/Doctor can assign additional services such provided by the hospital (e.g. Ventilator, oxygen,.etc), they also can check for history of provided services

Doctors Station

Single dashboard for doctors to check out previous information such as vitals,task, prescription consultation details,additional services and can update the further Notes

Shift Management - IPD

Manage Nursing shifts with ease

Discharge card

Complete the discharge process with a well structured form. Add rules and validations to ensure no step is missed. Design your Discharge printout as you see fit.


Single panel to maintain the administrative record of all the different registers used in hospitals.

IPD Overview

Can view all IPD details of current admitted patients in one panel

Surgery/Operation Theatre Calendar

Inventory Management

This module deals with the entire inventory workflow which includes indents from departments, stock management and procurement alongwith reports related to the same.

System log

Tracking of log for SMS, Email , calls or whatsapp messages

Report management - For Inventory

A useful section where you can have a detailed idea about all your purchase orders and products. Where you can track the data based on weekly/monthly/yearly frequency.

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