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MediXcel's Integrations. Everything you need.


Integrate with our preferred or your choice of SMS vendor to send SMS Alerts and SMS campaigns to patients and members for Appointment alerts, Drug Reminders, Action Plan Target Alerts, Marketing Campaigns and more.


Integrate with our preferred or your choice of E-mail provider to send E-mail Alerts and E-mail campaigns to patients / Referring Doctors and Staff for Appointment alerts, Drug Reminders, Action Plan Target Alerts, Marketing Campaigns, Tickets assigned and more.


Integrate with Tally to transfer all bills raised and payment received inside MediXcel directly into Tally on a daily basis

Insurance Companies / TPAs

MediXcel can integrate with Insurance Companies, TPAs and Government Health Insurance Providers of various countries to validate insurance policies, limits and send digital claim forms as and when allowed


MediXcel can integrate with Banks to send Bills for collections and get payments in real time to complete payment processes without any manual intervention. Works well for Banks who take payments on site at hospitals and clinics.

Voice to Text

MediXcel now integrates with Augnito to provide crisp, medical grade voice to text conversion. The deep integration comes with full control of the EMR using voice including form selection, field selection, and paragraph as well field value entry.

Whats app Integration

Integrate with preferred what app provider to start the whats app notifications for your patients. They can receive the report softcopy on whats app.


Integrate with Dropbox to manage additional documents stored on Dropbox for patients

Lab Equipment

Integrate with Lab Equipment using Uni or Bi-Directional interfaces to directly receive lab parameteric data for patients to cut down data entry time and improve accuracy

DICOM based Imaging Equipment

Integrate with DICOM based imaging equipment to store either DICOM images or links to DICOM images for easy access in the future.

Bar Code Printers

Integrate with bar-code printers using varios technology to print bar codes for samples or for inventory management

Card Printers

Integrate with Card printers to print Loyalty or Membership cards for your patients

FHIR Integrations

MediXcel also has FHIR standard based APIs to deploy for projects as and when needed

DHIS2 Integrations

MediXcel works with DHIS2 to share data from the HIS directly for population health reporting and government health facilities

Other Integration Technologies

MediXcel is capable of providing integrations using HL7 messaging, MIRTH, file based import, and more...

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