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Experience our LIS Management features to manage your sample collection, Lab Verification, Pending Tests, Lab recommendation providing MIS Reports, Bulk Dispatches

Lab Dashboard

Dedicated Lab Dashboard for all activies related to your Lab for different roles and responsibilities. Lab worklist dashboard for monitoring all your tests and to manage your TATs.

Sample Collection & Accession Workflows

Built-in Sample Collection & Accession workflows that lets you record collection by your phelobotomist to the information related to accessioning at the lab.

Recommendation panel

Separate recommendations for list of all tests recommended by doctors for a patient. One click option to convert recommendation to appointment.

Lab Verification Workflows

Customizable Levels of Verifications for Lab Reports with granular control on verification permissions for each level and departments of your labs. A dedicated panel to also review and bulk verify your reports.

Comprehensive Reporting Rules & Printing Templating

Comprehensive reporting rules let you set granual reference range for your tests and auto highlight abnormal results. It also lets you control your printing templating for your customized needs and to meet reporting guidelines.

Lab Equipment Interfacing

Uni-directional and bi-directional interfacing with your lab equiments available for ease of processing and automation in your lab. This reduces your manual data entry work and prevent all possible human errors.

TAT Management

Track Samples and Tests with real time alerts when reports are due and when they have crossed TAT. Looks at TAT metrics to help improve Lab Performance.


Manage your radiology unit easily with the efficient workflows and state of the art reporting.

Radiology Dashboard

Radiology Dashboard to manage your radiology unit and modality

Radiology Reporting Template

Templating modules allow you to have prebuilt multiple report templates for each of your diagnostics studies. You also have the advanced rich text editor to format your final report.

PACS Integration & View Image

Option to integrate with your PACS software to send workorder information details to your modalities and receive PACS image for preview inside Medixcel.

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