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Pharmacy Management

Experience our Pharmacy Management features manage your dispense drug, Total Drug Dispense screen, Add Department, Fulfilled Department Request etc providing different report

Dispense Medicine Against Prescription

Medixcel is integrated with the OPD consulting rooms & IPD Wards. You can get the prescribed medicines information easily by searching by Patient Name, Number or Mobile Number.

Stand Alone Pharmacy Management

You can also manage your pharmacy using Medixcel. Which allows you to manage the products, rates, inventory & timely alerts of stocks. This helps you to keep up to date with the availability of products and manage your Pharmacy efficiently.

Track Medicine Status

Track each and every medicine with the status of it. Whether dispensed or undispensed. Also print the Pharmacy card for the patient to pick up the medicines from other store in case of unavailability of drugs.

Track Payment mode for dispensed medicines

Whether it be cash, insurance, debit or credit card. Track the dispense reports by Mode of payments more efficiently by the all new filtering options.

Detailed Product Reports

MediXcel also allows you to

  • Track the Inflow and outflow of the products/drugs
  • Get the Expired Products data in a single click
  • Also track the products/drugs which are expiring in next 3 months
  • Quickly get the report on the drugs below the Minimum balance set, which will help you to take the decision to up stock the drugs as required.
  • MediXcel also allows you to get the current stock/quantities available at the pharmacy

Manage Returned Medicines

MediXcel gives you an easy window to accept and enter the returned drugs and manage its billing with an detailed MIS report available.

Pharmacy Notes

As a Pharmacist share your valuable notes using Medixcel and It will reach the prescribers and users having access to the screen

Pharmacy Intervention

Intervene with the users and share Care issues, Interventions & Outcomes

Ask Questions

MediXcel allows you to ask questions which you fellow colleagues can answer

Multiple format print options

MediXcel allows you to print the bills and pharmacy cards in the Thermal Printer Option. So now say bye bye to that lengthy A4 printouts and save paper and environment.

Stopped Prescription Report

As MediXcel Pharmacy Management is Integrated with the OPD and IPD and prescriptions that are stopped due to any purpose are reflected on the Stopped Prescription Tab with no time.

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