MediXcel for Governments

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MediXcel for Governments

MediXcel can be deployed for Government Health setups in Cities, Districts, States and at. National Level. Given the flexibility we provide in architectures it can be used in various modes to ensure the below benefits are met.Along with our add-on programs which enable Population health studies, disease programme management and disease surveillance we offer a strong suite to any government body looking to enhance their healthcare agenda.

Why use MediXcel for your Government Health Setups:

  • MediXcel is built as a platform to deal with every type of medical encounter (Consultation, Procedure, Lab Investigation, Imaging Study, Surgery, etc.)
  • MediXcel can work on every type of framework – Windows / Linux on Server side and Client Side, along with Android and iOS on client side.
  • MediXcel can work in a Single Cloud Installation mode or work offline in a remote location network mode to Sync Data between remote locations.
  • MediXcel has additional components which drive patient engagement and do Population Health studies along with driving Disease Surveillance.
  • MediXcel can manage Vaccinations based on Centralized chart and also send automated reminders to patients and staff for upcoming vaccinations.

Benefits of Investing in E-health Network

  • Compliant with most Standard Data Protection Laws.
  • Improved Health Information Reporting Capabilities.
  • Introduces Patient Medical Record Portability.
  • Enhances National Insurance Patient Eligibility Verification.
  • Disease Surveillance and Tracking.
  • Helps to do instant population based health studies with long term implications.
  • Improves deliverability of Health Programmes and Patient Benefit schemes - verification, capture and tracking.

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