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Why Website ?

Doctor’s Perspective:

Doctors’ search on internet: People search for everything online, even doctors. If they find your internet presence missing, they do not come to know what you are doing, what are your services and your contact details which may create a bad impression leading to loss of potential customers.

It’s a serious business: You would miss out on business to a large extent if you know people search for a doctor online and want to know more about you. Earlier, people used to depend on referrals from other doctors for good doctors, now they turn to the internet to meet the purpose.

The right choice: A website is a great platform to let the world know what you can do as a medical professional. Testimonials by actual clients create a profound impact on your business and medical practice. People like to know about actual incidents and they believe every word written in the testimonial. So wouldn’t you like to increase your business through testimonials?

Moreover, with the FAQs on your website you already have answered most of the questions before they visit you saving time in educating patients.

Pay online: With your website you can have billing of your services online paid by your patients.

Now comes the icing on the cake, you can choose a template from our gallery section, give a URL of your choice and some basic information about you/clinic and the website goes live in 7 days.

Patient Perspective :

24/7 customer service: A patient is a customer for the clinic, bearing that in mind any business that provides good customer service leaves a good impression. A website can give directions to your clinic, communicate clinic timings, and take down appointments 24/7. That’s a very efficient and productive secretary at a fraction of the cost per year! Patients are less apprehensive about their first consultation if they know what to expect. Providing information about your or the clinics expertise helps differentiate your practice from competitors. Many new tech savvy patients will seek out your website first, learn details about you and your services, and save you and your staff the trouble of explaining these services at length. You can also cut down patient information collection time by asking them to fill a pre-visit form online or providing a solution form to be downloaded and filled when coming in for the consultation. This helps the patient and you prepare for the encounter.

The information provided consists of contact information including phone numbers and addresses, patient query forms, clinic timings, maps and directions, service offerings and description, doctor details, and frequently asked questions or FAQs.

FAQs can be a burden for your front desk staff during rush hours, where a patient can read up online and then come prepared maybe for a certain procedure or with the required reports. Photos and biographies of doctors and staff can be posted to provide a personal connection for patients before stepping foot into the office.

Prevent calls at any hour: With the map of your clinic on the website, you will reduce the overhead of directing your patients over the phone. An updated address location with map will lead the patient at the doorstep of your clinic without troubles.

Get testimonials! : The patient feedback form will help you to extend your medical services referring to other potential patients.

Website for Doctors – Benefits of Having a Website


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