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Here at Website for Doctors create your identity on the Internet by helping us help you build your own website. Simply look at our gallery pick a template and contact us! For more templates contact us directly and we will have your website up with the content you provide.
Look at the various tools available and decide on what you would like on your site! Send us your enquiry by simply filling up the form given and we will get in touch with you with the next step. Still not sure how a Website helps you save time and money, Click Here

Get a Website from Plus91, the Medical Website Experts:

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Why Plus91?

Why does Website for Doctors appeal to the doctors who are signing up? Because we are a specialized service, like a highly specialized clinic, serving only doctors. Since we focus on dealing only with doctors, we understand their needs and wants, so we can deliver what is best for them.

What allows us to bond with doctors and give them the solutions which they need?

Our specialization based galleries; our dedicated team; and our medical domain expertise, because of the knowledge we have acquired as a result of developing our EMR products. A website can be tweaked and the content modified to give the doctor’s patients what they need from the website. A super specialist consultant can get exposure to international patients; while a small city specialist can get publicity and provide directions to his clinic.

Plus91 believes in Information Therapy and a website is a very powerful way of facilitating this. Websites for Doctors is an initiative to help promote information therapy to the masses by promoting a website for every doctor in India within the next 2 years.

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Website Requirements:

Information Requirements:

  • Select a Template
  • Select a URL
  • Send your CV, Clinic Information, Contact Information, Services, Photots
  • Links to your Blog, Videos, Published Articles, Social Media Pages

Website For Doctors Video:

Website Clients:
1. Datar Wellness Group, Mumbai
2. Dr. Swati Allahbadia, Mumbai
3. Om Pathology Lab, Pune
4. All Care Dental Clinic, Pune
5. Dew Derma Skin Clinic, Pune
and over 100 others
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