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About MediXcel:

MediXcel is hospital/nursing home management and information system based on the latest EMR technology from Plus91. MediXcel enables doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and technicians to take better and safer decisions thereby providing quality service and care. MediXcel is built on Plus91’s medical record platform which improves performance and provides instant scalability. Easy to use User Interface and well designed workflows help doctors and administration alike run the hospital.

Target Market: MediXcel is built for 5-100 Bed Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Multi-Speciality Hospitals, and Primary Healthcare Centers.

Feature Set:MediXcel features include

Appointments Patient Scheduling Template Based Reporting
Staff Management Referral Management Accounts and Billing
Prescription Handling Inventory Management Statistics
Patient History and EMR Medical Consents Medical Certificates
Data Back Up LAN Compliant Online Support
Audio-Video Help Files Test Requisition Mangement Online Training
Insurance Management In Patient Management Nursing Station
Room-Bed-Ward Management Laundry Management Equipment Allocation
Financial MIS In Patient Registers Doctor Fees Management
PNDT Reporting Test Outsourcing OT Management

Optional paid modules include

SMS Communication Email Communication Birthday Reminders
Online Appointments Online EMRs Online Data Back Up
Online SAAS Model Telemedicine ICD 10 Coding
Productivity Consultation Hospital Website Equipment Interfacing


Benefits of MediXcel:

  • MediXcel helps you maintain all patient visits from first to last in a single convenient, easy to access location. Shows both IPD and OPD visits in together for easy access and a complete overview.
  • MediXcel is ideal for Single 1 to a 80 bed hospitals, multi specialty hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes.
  • MediXcel helps the doctor provide better treatment to the patient through case management and effective communications as and when required right here from the software
  • MediXcel causes a reduction of Paperwork to a Minimum increasing efficiency
  • MediXcel allows you to Printout of old Prescription, Reports and Bills at the click of a button, preventing time wastage on digging up old data or writing something twice.
  • MediXcel’s online back-up feature ensures no data loss occurs, also the software can be run off the Plus91 server in case of emergency to prevent any down time.
  • MediXcel’s add-on Statistical analysis features helps in productivity enhancement by giving you critical management data
  • MediXcel can also be integrated with a Medical Dictionary and a Drug Database to help make decisions faster and more accurate (Additional Feature)
  • Save Space, having EMRs helps reduce the clutter and also improve the environment. Be environment friendly, it’s your duty too!

MediXcel Brochure:

Click to Download

MediXcel Online Demo:

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MediXcel Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Dual Core PC and above
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • 10 GB Hard disk space for 3 years of Records
  • For SMS, Email and Online Add Ons, internet connection is mandatory
MediXcel Video Demo:

MediXcel Clients:
1. Nair Hospital, Mumbai
2. KEM Hospital, Mumbai
3. Dhanwantari Hospital, Pune
4. KCCC, Mumbai and others
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