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MediXcel can be setup for Managed Care Groups who offer Memberships plans for Healthcare services, or create Click and Mortar healthcare networks partnering with clinics, labs and hospitals.

  • Manage your Plans and Members with ease and allow MediXcel to help you engage them with a CRM, Ticketing solution, Patient Portal and more.
  • MediXcel provides various avenues to upload Medical Records and update the EMR with controlled access to your medical support team, your associate clinics, hospitals and labs and patients to ensure data is accurate and up to date
  • Manage your business right from setting up, to marketing , to managing the medical data and generating key MIS using MediXcel
  • Provide access to various stakeholders in your business with apt access options devised for your business setup

MediXcel helps you manage your members, healthcare business and provider network with a single seamless EMR, Business & Network Management and Member Engagement Platform!

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